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  • Who is behind the project?
    The Lucid Things is founded and created by an AVAX native artist/builder Tunc Suerdas.
  • What is the Roadmap?
    1. First we will connect with each other in the "Lucid Things" discord. 2. We will collect addresses to grow the ⁠"White List" for the mint. 3. We will launch FREAK, the utility token of "Lucid Things". 4. SNAPSHOT of LucidBanners and top FREAK holders will be taken. (20.06.2024, 19:00 UTC) 3. We will mint the collection, when the time comes. (24 June 2024) 4. There will be future airdrops for holding "Lucid Things". (details to be announced later)
  • How many pieces are there in total?
    There are 1000 NFTs in Lucid Things.
  • Wen is the mint?
    The "Lucid Things" mint will happen in 24 June 2024.
  • Where will we mint Lucid Things?
    "Lucid Things" will be minted on the Salvor fair launchpad.
  • What is the mint price?
    WL price: 2 Avax Public price: 2.5 Avax
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